Stories of Impact

Talking Calculators for the Visually Impaired in Sri Lanka

One of the missions of Divinart Foundation is to help and uplift those who are most underserved and living in difficulty. With the money we have raised through henna, we were able to buy 20 talking-calculators for visually impaired students and individuals in Illankai (also known as Sri Lanka) who have been affected by the civil war.

In total, these talking calculators were a value of $500 that were donated to support the educational development and dreams of these thriving war-affected individuals. Many of them who we had the privilege of meeting in person had amazing dreams of becoming computer scientists and software engineers despite having a physical impairment. The calculators were donated to the Association of the Visually Handicapped organization located in Killinochi.

During the war, one of the students receiving the calculator (pictured in the second image), had a bullet go through his skull and had to undergo surgery to remove it. While in surgery, the doctors accidentally damaged his visual nerves leading him to visual impairment. Despite all these adversities, he is an inspiring individual who we got to meet who is determined to become a software engineer.

The other individuals pictured own a small business to make ends meet. Thus, talking calculators was something they expressed was a need and a wish we wanted to grant them in order for them to be self-sufficient in their endeavours.

With your kind donations, we were able to help individuals and students below to become one step closer to achieving their dreams.