Stories of Impact

Helping the Visually Impaired in Sri Lanka

Meet 30 (few missing in the image) warriors living in Illankai (Sri Lanka) who survived the civil war. Almost all of them had a shrapnel pass through their eye socket(s) burning their eye(s) and nerves leading to visual impairment.

To fulfill Sinthusha’s mother’s wish of helping disabled people affected by the war, we chose to donate $900 worth of dry food supply to feed 30 visually impaired individuals and their families for 3 weeks. Though this was a small gesture of kindness, the response we got from every single one of them was absolutely heart-warming. After making the donation, we spoke to all of them individually to hear their stories of resilience and to create a deeper connection to each one of them.

Every single dollar was raised through henna sessions. So once again, thank you to all those who donated and have shown their support! Without you, this would not be possible.