Foundation Divinart

Through art, we can make a difference.


To empower local and global communities by helping to meet the needs of marginalized folks who need our solidarity the most through community based initiatives and collaborations.

How it Works

Book Appointment Call or email to book your henna appointment
Support Community Proceeds raised through henna goes to support marginalized community members
Local and Global Impact Your support impacts locally and globally through art


Henné de mariée

Divinart offers an exceptional bridal henna service that will leave you 100% satisfied for your wedding.

Henné pour des événements

The designs and service offered is of utmost importance while working fast, efficiently, and with care.

Henné Individuels

Exceptional service for individual appointments tailored towards your needs and preference for your design.

Ateliers Henné

Henna workshops are a fun and unique way for students, employees, members of your organization, or schools to learn about henna.

Bridal Henna

Want to be adorned with a unique and beautiful henna on your special day while contributing to a good cause? Look no further!

Gift Certificate

Don’t know what to get your friend or loved one for their birthday? Why not get them a henna gift certificate?

Help Our Cause

Your donations help us continue our work in supporting initiatives and projects in local and global communities. We focus on alleviating barriers that vulnerable individuals may face in their lives through community efforts and collaborations.