Stories of Impact

Google Home Mini for the Visually Impaired in Sri Lanka

20 google home minis were donated to blind students, teachers, staff as listed in the image below in order to empower them and reduce the institutional barriers they face. In general there is a lack of accessibility for differently abled folks in our society but especially for those living in many rural parts of the world.

Why google home mini for the visually impared? Google home mini is basically like a talking Google Chrome that responds to all your questions through a speaker. It’s so helpful in one’s educational endeavours as it doesn’t require a laptop to learn, to teach, or to just be connected (laptops/computers may be limiting at times for visually impaired students, teachers, and staff).

A total of $2467.15 was spent on these Google home minis including shipping from Montreal to Sri Lanka. Free Wi-Fi routers were provided along with these Google home minis for every individual who received it.

The money that is raised through henna goes to support the most underserved individuals. Thank you to the donors and supporters of Divinart Foundation!