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Divinart Foundation’s innovative banner pens creating access to resources

Divinart started a project called ஜோதி (Jothi in Thamil) to shed light and raise awareness on the importance of having access to resources for various community groups to grow and thrive in their spaces. 

These innovative banner pens were created from scratch which includes 13 resources hidden inside pens to help marginalized and newly arrived women who experience gender-based violence. These pens can also be digitally translated on the recipient’s phone through Google Translate’s feature of live camera translation into their preferred language.
This project was named ஜோதி (Jothi in Thamil) which means the light that illuminates from darkness. These pens are a symbol of light in times of darkness.

This idea sparked to Sinthusha when she witnessed and heard the needs shared by marginalized women, especially newly arrived non-status migrants, shared at conjugal violence workshops she facilitated with community centres in Montreal. Growing up in a difficult household environment herself, she always had this inner passion and dream to help racialized women who experience gender-based violence, especially those who normally don’t have access to such resources.

This project came to life as Sinthusha was one of the few young women selected by Fondation filles d’action – Girls Action Foundation for their “Women, Let’s take our place” campaign. Through this campaign she received training and a $1000 grant from Girls Action foundation through the government of Canada to bring this dream and vision she had, come to life.

Impact of Jothi Pens so far

This project was also presented to the honorable Montreal Mayor, Valérie Plante, at her visit to a community centre in Côte-des-neiges.

300 banner pens have been distributed throughout Montreal in collaboration with women’s shelters and organizations working mostly with racialized communities through facilitated workshops and visits and the response has been phenomenal.

The graph on the left shows 42.5% knew none of the resources listed in the pen and 32.5% knew one to three essential emergency helplines.

Through this project, the goal is to ensure resources are accessible and safe for all individuals who may need support if ever they find themselves in precarious situations.

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About Girls Action Foundation

Girls Action Foundation is a national charitable organization that seeks to build girls’ and young women’s skills and confidence, and inspire action to change the world. Their work impacts more than 60,000 girls and young women from coast to coast to coast. They reach remote, marginalized, and urban communities. Their programs include: coaching, training, and networking opportunities that help develop community initiatives and girls’ programs.