Sinthusha Invited to Speak at WE Day Canada Celebrating the Next 150 Years

WE Day celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday in Ottawa and I was absolutely humbled and honoured to have been invited to be a speaker in front of 30 000+ people. WE Day Canada was hosted at Parliament Hill with special guests including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Gord Downie, Lilly Singh, Hedley, Barenaked Ladies, and more. The event was full of inspiration and looking ahead towards the next 150 years on ways to build a stronger, inclusive, and a more compassionate country.

I had the privilege of meeting many speakers one of them being Lilly Singh (also known as youtube’s sensation, Superwoman). Though it was a brief moment that I got to share with her, I’ll never forget how genuine and humble she was. What made it more special was the realization I had that we were the only South Asian women on stage amongst all the amazing speakers.

Most importantly, what made the event so memorable was meeting all the young speakers and being inspired by every single one of them through their unique stories. Standing hand-in-hand regardless of race, gender, religion, or faith on stage in front of 30 000+ individuals was absolutely moving and heart warming. Words cannot describe how uplifting it was to have stood on stage representing the future of Canada’s 150 years.

I only wish to be an inspiration to those around me and wish that we can all come together to do our part to bring positive change in this world.