When you book a henna session, we ensure that a portion of the proceeds go to support marginalized individuals in local and global communities.

Making real and direct impact is of utmost importance. Thus, when looking for organizations to support, we ensure that we do a thorough background check and ensure the organizations’ approach their activities and projects in a holistic manner.


Divinart Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization in Quebec which uses proceeds raised through art to help marginalized and underserved local and global communities.

Divinart raises funds to support causes in alignment with the goals and mission of the organization. We ensure that every project we work on or collaborate on, supports those who need our solidarity the most.

We provide henna services and custom handmade crafts as ways to raise money. Click the Impact page here to see some of the work we’ve done with the funds we’ve raised thus far.

Quebec enterprise number (NEQ): 1171193262


Sinthusha Kandiah is a social entrepreneur, artist, facilitator and community organizer born and raised in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal). She is the founder of Divinart Foundation, where funds are raised through her passion for mehndi/marudhanni (henna) and the proceeds are used to help empower local and global communities in solidarity with grassroots organizations that strive to support individuals and women living in precarious conditions who are often overlooked by society. She offers professional henna services with over 10 years of experience. Sinthusha strives to spread pure positivity throughout people’s lives and is driven to pave her own path as a racialized young woman of colour.

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Art in general has been a passion of mine ever since I was very young. I would draw and paint as a means to release my emotions and pain. Though I wasn’t immensely surrounded by marudhanni (henna) when growing up in the Western culture, I stumbled upon a henna cone and immediately fell in love.
I started doodling on paper and myself when I was 13 years old. I created this nonprofit organization to impart happiness, to build a sense of connection through my art to every soul I meet but most importantly to heal my soul and to exchange energies from stories and joy that are shared. This journey has allowed me to never let go of my creativity and has always allowed me to use my passion as a creative outlet for expression. Never would have I imagined a small idea I had at a young age would have flourished into something beautiful today. I feel deep gratitude towards every individual who has crossed my path and supported my cause. Here’s to many more beautiful stories to create on this journey. Through art, we can make a difference!