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Leadership Workshop & Henna in Sri Lanka

Sunday July 30, 2017

I had the opportunity of doing a leadership workshop for little kids in a small village called Sannar in Sri Lanka. I was absolutely astonished by their knowledge and capabilities they had at such a young age.

I gave them a session to challenge their perspective and idea of what a leader is. Some of the questions I asked them were: What does a leader look like to you? Who do you see as a leader in your life? Are they a positive leader in your life? If not, what would you change about them? Do you see yourself being a leader? Why or why not? What are some initiatives you can take to become a leader?

Living in an extremely small village, many of the kids barely have leaders/influential figures to look up to. I wanted to challenge their views and recognize what a leader can look like. But more importantly, how they can be better individuals in their society to become the future generation who seek to promote unity and peace.

Furthermore, I had a heartwarming experience doing henna for a group of kids in another small village in Sri Lanka.
I wanted to share my passion and spread my love for this traditional artform. Their energy and excitement to be adorned with henna was indescribable and unforgtettable. Through henna, we shared laughters, stories, and created memories to cherish forever.