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Talking Calculators for the Visually Impaired in Sri Lanka

Monday January 15, 2018

One of the missions of Divinart Foundation is to help and uplift those who are most vulnerable and underprivileged. With the money I have raised through henna, I was able to buy 20 talking-calculators for visually impaired students and individuals in Sri Lanka who have been affected by the civil war. In total, these calculators […]

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Helping Homeless Women of Montreal

Friday December 22, 2017

With the money I raised through henna, I donated 60 shower kits as well as women’s personal hygiene products. These shower kits will be mostly used by Inuit women (not in the picture for safety reasons) who are in vulnerable situations or are homeless. My ancestors of Sri Lankan-Tamil origin have been stripped away from […]

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Helping the Visually Impaired in Sri Lanka

Sunday August 20, 2017

Meet 30 (few missing in the image) warriors living in Ceylon injured by the┬ácivil war. Almost all of them had a shrapnel pass through their eye socket(s) burning their eye(s) and nerves leading to visual impairment. To fulfill my mother’s wish of helping differently-abled people affected by the war, I chose to donate $900 worth […]

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Leadership Workshop & Henna in Sri Lanka

Sunday July 30, 2017

I had the opportunity of doing a leadership workshop for little kids in a small village called Sannar in Sri Lanka. I was absolutely astonished by their knowledge and capabilities they had at such a young age. I gave them a session to challenge their perspective and idea of what a leader is. Some of […]

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Uplifting Montreal Cancer Patients Through Henna

Wednesday July 5, 2017

In summer of 2017, I started to help the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre by offering free henna services to patients going through chemotherapy. Cancer patients experience immense pain and suffering so I wanted to positively impact their stories by sharing my passion for henna. I aim for them to see the beauty of henna […]

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Empowering Syrian Refugee Kids in Montreal

Wednesday August 10, 2016

Like many, I was moved by the plight of Syrian refugees and wanted to make a contribution to the integration of Syrian kids in Montreal. And so I offered my time and dedication to the Montreal community with professional henna service as a way to raise money for Camp Cosmos and Syrian Kids at Camp […]

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